Frequently Asked Questions

Christian Hub

Reputation »

How do I earn reputations?

Reputation: You can earn reputations by doing the following:

1. Posting educative and cognitive post and getting more likes or comments on the post.

2. Cleaning up channels by reporting offensive or unworthy post.

3. Helping people in need, infact this comes with a very high reputation

4. Earn reputations by watching a video. To do this tap on Earn Points tab from the drawer

Widow’s mite »

How to request for help?

Before you can seek for help we need to verify your email address. If your email is verified then you can post your needs. Please take note this menu is not only for finacial help, you can seek for advice and the likes.

PS: We won't be responsible for the transactions or discussion that takes place between the helper and helpee we're just trying to create a platform to help make the world a better place.

How to help?

All you need do is to search base on some citerias and you can choose who you intend to show kidness to. After selection you will have to have a tete-a-tete conversation with the person you intend helping.
If you feel the person needs it, you proceed with helping that person, then if the help is done you tap on button 'Done' to tell/inform us you’ve helped the person

PS: We won't be responsible for the transactions or discussion that takes place between the helper and helpee we're just trying to create a platform to help make the world a better place.

App Menu »

Home Page

This is the page where you have summary of what’s happening on the app, such as announcement, recent post and church info.


See this like post grouping for easy access. It categorises post posted by christian hubers into channels. On this tab you can do the following

  • Create your own post by categorising it into a channel
  • Comment on a post already posted either by you or other hubers
  • You can like, edit, report or delete a post

You can also have a private chat with the huber that posted a post, all you need do is tap on the post owner image this takes you to the user profile, then you can dm him/her


This is where you see your favorite church(es), you can suscribe to as many churches to get notified whenever a new content is pushed by the church. You can also share you testimony leting the whole world know the goodness of God in your life

Sermon Note

Now you can keep you daily and weekly service sermon/note on the cloud securely and get it on the fly whenever you need them.


This page is like your settings page. It gives you all the neccessary information you need know about the app, auth modification and the likes. See below:

  • You get to edit your profile
  • Change your login password
  • Search for Christian Hubers to chat with
  • Get histories of Christian Hubers you've already chatted with
  • Transaction History
  • Privacy Poily
  • Help or FAQ

About Christian Hub

Questions about Christian Hub »

What is Christian Hub?

Christian hub is a friendly platform for christians / believers to help them improve on their journey to heaven. It's your everyday app that helps you grow spiritually. It's a social app that allows you get highly spiritual content on the go from your favorite church(es) and fellow christians / believers. Currently on Google play store and we working on the iOS version of the app. For more info visit our website at (

What do you mean by Christian Huber(s)?

Christian Huber(s) is just a term used for people using the app (i.e Christian Hub). We refer to them as either Hubers or Christian Hubers

Who manages Christian Hub?

Christian Hub is managed by and by you our esteemed Hubers

Other questions & concerns »

I want to have Christian Hub’s phone number?

We are very much reachable but not via phone call at the moment.
We can be reached 24/7 via the contact customer care in-app or our customer support email, your messages will be replied to as soon as possible through the email you register with us.

How do I get my suggestion across to Christian Hub?

You are always welcome to make suggestions that will foster and help Christian Hub serve you better.
Simply send us your brilliant idea via our customer support mail or contact customer care in-app form. We will be more than pleased to hear from you.

How do I report a technical issue?

We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences that you may have faced with using our platform.  Please, inform us immediately by filling your complaint using our Contact form, so we can fix it as quickly as possible.  
Just take a minute to do a little troubleshoot before contacting us: 

  • Check that your internet connection is working fine.
  • Is your app outdated? Get the latest update.
  • Are you using the correct login detail?

If problem persists, proceed to contacting us.