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Home Sweet Home!

You want to grow spiritualy and also get to connect with people with the same faith? If yes then Christian Hub is for you.

Improve your christian life!

Improve your Christian Life Grow spiritually! If you were to have an exclusive cruise vacation with God, what will you ask for? What will you tell God? What will you do? Christian Hub creates the environment to experience God and know him more intimately.

You need help?

Get on the app and tender your request be it emotional, physical or finacial help someone is always there to help. We are one big family!

One big family of God

Christian Hub is an online ecosystem that connect people of the same christian faith together. We get to communicate, learn and re-learn the word of God together.

Connect with your church

Get contents such as daily devotions, news, announcement and so on from your church on the fly. You never miss out.

Sermon or Note secured

No more better way to get all your sermons/notes in one secure place. All data are secured and encrypted on google server.

Made for churches

Churches can now have direct communication with their members. Send digital announcement, news, daily devotions and so on to their congregation. All they need do is introduce Christian Hub to their congregation and ask them to subscribe to their church. It's so simple!

Register as a Church

Join our global community and get access to loads of emotional, physical and spiritual freebies including finacial help

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